Monthly Maintenance


aintenance for a site is as necessary as breathing. Without the proper updated site sometime user get 404 or dead website causing damage to your corporate repute. Due to lot of application and plugin updates Its very hard to maintain the site. Hackers attacks, spams and weak security can lead to compromised website.  I am offering Monthly Website* maintenance at reasonable price that have following features includes:

  • Database Backup (limit 500 mb) compressed zipped or gziped
  • Files Backup (limit 1gb) (Dropbox backup is available)
  • Plugins Update
  • Server status check
  • Security review and malware scanning
  • Anti-Spam checking
  • Brute-force attack prevention.
  • Database Scanning
  • Database Optimization
  • Cache implementation if required1
  • Publish two posts2
  • Update Theme3
  • Image optimization4
  • Update CMS5
  • Monitor your site uptime
  • Remotely track the versions of WordPress, plugins, & themes you have installed; Remotely update your site

100% Satisfaction

Only $100 / website per month

(excluding any bank/intermediary fee)

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Maintenance will be occurred at the end of each month and short summary/report will be email to client. Maintenance Message can be placed at homepage for few hours.


*Supported CMS and Applications are: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, ZenCart

  1. Only WordPress & Joomla (wp cache or WTC)
  2. WordPress & Joomla ( Content, Images required in zipped one week before publish date)
  3. If child-theme is already created otherwise extra cost will be charged for Child-Theme creation
  4. Only wordpress through Yahoo WP
  5. Only WordPress supported