Project Checklist

  • Project Authentications Details

  • Write FTP username for site here
  • Create FTP from your Hosting Control Panel and copy/paste password here
  • Get FTP host from hosting cpanel or staff and write here e.g
  • e.g Hostgator, Godaddy etc
  • Write Hosting Control Panel Password here
  • Write admin username for (Wordpress, Joomla, CMS, E-commerce)
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  • Skip this if you have given Hosting Cpanel login details
  • Skip this if you have given Hosting Cpanel login details
  • Zipped your content and upload only .zip or .rar files
    Accepted file types: zip, rar.
  • Project Deliverable Checklist

    Write all deliverables in ascending order with respect to priority wise (most important on top)

    Alterations and revisions provide to client covered by this project are given in proposal, otherwise Fee includes three revisions, and provided that such revisions do not require work exceeding the Scope of Work as defined in this Agreement. Freelancer may decline, or charge additionally for, work that Freelancer reasonably deems to be beyond the Scope of Work.

    Additional charges will be charged for changes requested by the client that go beyond the number specified in the contract.


    Responsive and Cross-browser note


    In case of providing cross-browser support only latest browser & version will included e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE (Safari will not include).
    In case of providing responsive support it only includes Template/ Theme/ Framework default fluid structure and responsive design. Further responsive customization will be only provided if responsive mockup/ prototype are provided before starting the project. (Technical issues will be consider)

    Who own the work?

    Freelancer hereby assigns to Client all right, title and interest in the work produced only at completion under this Agreement , except that Author/Freelancer retains display rights in the work, i.e., for use in portfolios, exhibitions and other self-promotion channels.

    A Footer Promotion tag will be added in product e.g. designed by Prepared Development. Can be removed by additional 10% fee.

    Payment Terms

    To reduce the risk for both parties, following flexible terms will be adapted :-

    For Fixed Price Projects:

    With Milestones:
    Milestone Payments in Escrow should be submitted before the start of the project and final payment after the project completion. Milestone will be defined with respect to scope of work and payment percentage will assign to each milestone and should be release to start work on next milestone.

    Without Milestones:

    a) For big projects having worth more than $5000:
    25% on Prototype
    25% on Intermediate version
    50% on Final version


    b) For medium projects having worth more than $1000:
    20% Upfront

    50% on Beta version
    30% on Final version

    c) For small projects having worth less than $300:
    50% Upfront
    50% on Final version

    For Hourly Project:

    Minimum 1 hour price will be charged.



    Saturday and Sunday will be off and in case of any official holiday the assigned task will be deliver next business day.

    In case of internet disconnection or emergency, task will be provided as soon as possible with delay cause detail.

    Client will pay final payment within 10 days after delivering product.
    Client will pay fees for intermediary (Odesk, Freelancer etc ) e.g 10%

    If Client cancels the project after Freelancer has begun work, Freelancer is immediately entitled to a “kill fee” of $250, less any fees already paid to Freelancer.

    Final Product may be look little differ than demo.

    Freelancer is not responsible for any changes made by anyone other than him/her or authorized agent. This is the parties’ entire agreement on this matter, superseding all previous negotiations or agreements. This Agreement can only be changed by mutual written consent

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