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Beautiful, Powerful Web Sites

Web Design

Prepared Development specializes in web design projects powered by the WordPress platform.  This amazing system allows our web designers to create stunning, dynamic websites that empower our clients through the ability to make changes and updates at anytime. Our experienced web designers have built it all, from business brochure websites to full blown e-commerce solutions.

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Honest, Effective Search Marketing

seo marketing

Our search engine optimization team specializes in “white hat” marketing techniques that are proven to get your website ranked in the leading search engines. While many search consultancies outsource their work to foreign countries, we pride ourselves on doing all the work right here in-house. By by not cutting corners, we can ensure that no techniques will be employed that may get your website banned.

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Intelligent Web Scraper

We extract data from websites and deliver it to you in a format you can use. Expert in developing high-end web crawlers / Web Scrapers/spiders/extractions.
What would you like to scrape?
text, media, pictures, data

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More Than Just A Facebook Page

social media marketing

The social media “craze” can no longer be ignored. Consumers are rushing to social networks to talk about products and their experiences with local businesses. We can create custom Facebook pages, optimized LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter profiles, along with quality buzz generating content and interactive contests. Let our social media experts get your community raving about your business and services!

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Not All Hosts Are Created Equal

web hosting

Have you ever wondered why your website loads slowly or your email takes forever? You may not be aware of your website’s sluggishness, but your customers and the search engines are! Your website’s performance is a key factor in calculating your position in the search engines. Poor speed not only adversely affects your rank, but causes your visitors to head for the back button. Don’t worry, we can help!

How We’re Different

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Turning Visions Into Reality

graphic design

Our designers not only create beautiful websites, but amazing logos, print layouts, and other forms of collateral as well! We understand that your image is important to you, that is why help you to create a branding identity through our large selection of products. Satori can design and produce anything from brochures and banners to embroidered shirts and pens. Contact us for a highly competitive quote!

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